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Pertenecemos al Grupo Arania, una organización siderúrgica fundada en 1940 que procesa al año más de 300.000 toneladas de acero. AR Storage Solutions ofrecemos a nuestros clientes soluciones óptimas a los más exigentes requerimientos de almacenaje.

Estanterías Metálicas

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  • Prremium plus es
  • AS/RS
  • Clad Rack Building
  • Modular Shelving
  • Boltless chipboard rack
  • Drive-In Racking
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable Pallet Racking
  • Bolted metal kit
  • Displays at stores
  • Multi Tier Racking
  • Live Storage Racking

AR STORAGE SOLUTIONS · Metallic shelving, racking and storage systems

AR Storage Solutions is a market leading racking and storage systems producer; AR Storage Solutions belongs to the ARANIA GRUPO, a steel related group of companies established in 1940 which currently process more than 300.000 tons per year. At AR Storage Solutions, we provide our customers with optimal solutions to the most demanding storage requirements; AR Storage Solutions designs and manufactures
shelving, racking and storage systems for all possible situations, from heavy-duty applications to light-duty domestic usage. The Divisions of AR Racking and AR Shelving comprise two manufacturing facilities (in Spain and Slovakia) together with a major R&D Technical Centre situated in the Parque Tecnológico of Zamudio (Spain).

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New installation by AR Racking for Industrias Yuk, in Valencia

Last December, AR Racking completed two APR installations for Industrias YUK in the town of Ribarroja del T [ ... ]

Our client Hernandorena changes the decor of the store including one of our shelving systems.

The shop Hernandorena dedicated to the textile trade, jewelry and accessories in the 32 Post Street at Vitor [ ... ]

Next appointment for AR Racking: again at Logistec Expo 2014, Chile

AR Racking, a leading company in the European storage systems market, will be exhibiting again at the EXP [ ... ]

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